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Precision Heating Maintenance Service:

  • Lubricate blower and motor bearings (if equipped).
  • Check belt condition and tension (if equipped).
  • Install clean air filters (1″ disposable fiberglass filters provided).
  • Check that furnace flue is venting properly.
  • Adjust burner for proper flame (as necessary).
  • Check condition of pilot; clean (as necessary).
  • Check gas line pressure.
  • Check manifold pressure.
  • Check condensate if necessary.
  • Check fan and limit control.
  • Check pilot safety.
  • Check pressure regulator.
  • Check burner operation.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check thermocouple.
  • Check temperature rise.
  • Check fan speed for winter operation.
  • Check inducer motor operation (if equipped)
  • Check blower motor operationBy having an older system covered by warranty service you are preventing a “NO HEAT” emergency later. A service call done after hours or in the middle of the night can run as high as $245.00 just for diagnostic. If a service technician finds a potentially faulty part during an annual maintenance you are saving yourself $245.00 in labor costs alone that could have been incurred had the system failed later that year.
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